Portable Chemical Toilets for Camping

Camping Toilet

Since the toilet was invented by Thomas Crapper (Actually he invented the ballcock not the toilet itself – but you couldn’t find a more appropriate name, right?), we humans have had a special relationship with the devices. We can’t be too far from them, and these days we like to take them on holiday with us too!

The fact is that, whilst many campsites have perfectly acceptable ablution facilities, more and more people prefer to have their own private setup. This may even include a hot shower with an enclosure. It is actually quite convenient to have your own privy for the odd number one in the middle of the night when you’d rather not dodge guy ropes (or carnivores for that matter) to make your way to the nearest ablution block.

These days the Covid-19 pandemic has added an even more serious tone the the whole idea, and private ablutions are moving from luxury to essential status.

What is a Portable Chemical Toilet?

We’re not talking about the man sized loos you find at building sites here. Portable Chemical Toilets are compact and luggable. They consist of two tanks, the bottom tank holds the waste and is usually larger, the top tank holds the rinsing water to flush with.

Seaflo Chemical Toilet 20L

What Chemicals are used?

Those familiar with “Porta Pottys” will have heard of blue and pink fluids and their uses. Generally, toilet fluid is blue and rinse is pink – but that may vary. The purpose of toilet fluid is to kill harmful bacteria and germs to prevent them from multiplying, eliminating unpleasant odours. Toilet fluid is added to the bottom or holding tank of the unit. Add the various chemicals to water according to the instructions. Some manufacturers offer a concentrated formula, which is great when storage space is at a premium.

The rinse is added to the top or flush tank. The rinse keeps the toilet fresh and removes bad odours when the toilet is flushed. In addition, the rinse cleans and lubricates the bowl. Certain toilet manufacturers advise against using rinse, preferring only water to be used for this purpose.

Tip: Use quality toilet chemicals, this will ensure your toilet remains hygienic and pong free.

Using the Toilet

Using these toilets is easy. Simply lift the lid, but remember to pull out the slide valve to allow waste to pass through into the waste holding tank below. Once done, press the pump to flush the toilet and close the slide valve. Keep the slide valve closed at all times when not using the toilet as this prevents leakage during transport.

You can use regular toilet paper, however rapid dissolving toilet paper is recommended.

Emptying the Toilet

Ensure the slide valve is closed before carrying the toilet to a permanent toilet or demarcated disposal point. Depending on the design of the toilet, you remove the pouring cap before carefully pouring the contents into the disposal point. After emptying, if you intend using the toilet you will need to add toilet fluid once again.

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