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We all need a helping hand, and the harder the situation, the more welcome that extra bit of help can be. This is especially true while climbing when weight and safety are of very real concern. Pulley systems are used in a wide variety of climbing professions, including rescue, sports climbing, mountain climbing, firefighters, rock and tree climbers, arborists, and other industrial professions.

At Camp and Climb, our outdoor and climbing range consists of only the top climbing gear from the most reputable brands. Hence we stock a varied supply of pulleys from the renowned climbing brand, Petzl. They’re great for rescue from crevasses and other dangerous spaces, or for improving hauling systems in many settings. They’re easy to install, even when the rope is already equipped with an anchor, and they’re built to be lightweight but strong and durable. Some can even be used as an emergency ascender, and function on icy or muddy ropes just as well.

Invest the right pulley for your profession and use it to see the best results. All our pulleys are lightweight for their strength and can be depended on in even the most intensive situations. Make sure the size of your pulley is able to accept the size of rope you have before purchase.

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