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Some components to your climbing gear that's just as important as your ropes are carabiners and quickdraws, and they need to be just as tough and resilient, and easy to handle. It has to be effortless to clip your climbing gear to the rope, or your rope to the next secure hold. At Camp and Climb we stock an extensive collection of carabiners and quickdraws from the top climbing brands on the market, including Petzl, Black Diamond, and USA Climbing, to give you the ultimate choice for your type of climbing and what personally works best for you. Be it sport climbing, extreme outdoor adventures, crag climbing, rock climbing or even skiing, we’ve got the equipment for you. If you’re new to the game, you’re probably wondering what the difference between them is. To start, a carabiner is a type of shackle. It’s a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate that can only be opened from the outside with applied force, and, for climbers especially, come with a self-locking mechanism to avoid accidental opening. Always make sure that whatever carabiner you purchase is specifically made for climbing, as not all carabiners are designed to withhold a substantial amount of weight. A quickdraw, on the other hand, is made of two carabiners, one to be attached to your harness/rope, while the other end is used to attach you to rope, or another clip to keep you secured to the rock. The two carabiners are attached with a semi-firm material in between, which makes it easier to handle. A quickdraw, or extender as it’s otherwise called, has to be quick to draw and attach, hence the name.
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