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Climbing Wall

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Climbing walls are fun for climbers of all skill levels, from kids to experienced sports climbers. There’s a lot of appeal to climbing walls that set them apart from outdoor climbing on mountainsides or on a crag. Climbing walls are often set up indoors, making them a controlled environment that’s sheltered from the elements. This allows you to get your climbing kick no matter the weather and provides a safe environment for the youngest of beginner climbers to enjoy the exercise and thrill of climbing.

A climbing wall isn’t really a climbing wall at all without grips, and if you own a climbing wall or are looking to set up one, you’re going to need quite a few of them. Variety is the spice of life, and climbers should have multiple route options and places to find foot and handholds as they’re climbing. At Camp and Climb our outdoor range features an extensive range of climbing equipment, including grips and nuts to fit into your wall.

Our climbing grips come in varying shapes, sizes and colours! And we stock variants for children as well, perfect for the little climbers. Check out our collection to find the perfect grips for you.

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