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Ice Climbing Gear

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Ice and snow are particularly treacherous surfaces for climbers, either hard or slushy, and always slippery and cold. While most regions of South Africa don’t experience snow, higher altitudes can experience snowfall, and if you’re visiting a climbing/hiking location where it’s been reported to snow before, it’s best to pack ice-gear to not be caught unprepared.

At Camp and Climb, we stock a selection of top gear for ice climbing in our outdoor range to accommodate all climbers and conditions. We support only the top outdoor and climbing brands in our dedication to safety, product longevity and value, hence our ice climbing gear is all Petzl, a world-renowned brand in the industry.

Our ice axes are designed to be used as a balance and safety tool when hiking up and down steep slopes, and as a self-stopping tool when you need to stop a controlled/expected fall or slide. It can also be used as a snow anchor in rappelling, or a brake when you’re sliding downhill. Crampons are worn on the footwear to function as traction devices, improving mobility on ice and snow as you climb. They’re also used to help you travel safely when crossing glaciers, snowfields, and when travelling up and downhill.

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