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When climbing steep or vertical surfaces, you’re going to want a way to help you make the climb without slipping on your rope. There are multiple ways to go about this, such as friction knots, but ascenders are our go-to recommendations for aid climbers, be it for sport, rescue, or recreation.

Ascenders are made with a cam that allows it to slide along a rope, and while it slides freely in your chosen direction of movement, it will jam and provide a firm grip on the rope when pulled in the opposite direction, to prevent falls, slips, and to provide a handhold as you climb. Ascenders are typically used in pairs, one in each hand, and one bears your weight while the other reaches up to make progress up the rope.

At Camp and Climb safety is of utmost importance to us. Thus we stock a broad selection of climbing gear to facilitate a safe, fun and enriching climbing experience. This includes our range of ascenders from renowned brand Petzl, with options for both, handled ascenders, chest rope clamps, and climbing brakes. Browse our collection to find the best ascenders for you based on your preferences and the routes you tend to climb.

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