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Sleeping Bags

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At Camp and Climb Outdoor, we offer a wide range of sleeping bags designed for different temperatures and styles of camping & hiking adventures, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your next outdoor trip. Our sleeping bags are manufactured from high-quality materials and advanced insulation properties. Sleeping bags are other bought with other sleeping gear like Camping Mattressesliners, and camping beds.

Down Sleeping Bags For Camping & Hiking 

When it comes to sleeping bags, down sleeping bags are the most popular insulation material for its warmth-to-weight ratio. We offer a wide range of down sleeping bags that are perfect for your outdoor adventure. Our down sleeping bags are sourced from top camping brands which are filled with premium quality down making for a product you can trust. Whether you're camping in the winter or summer, our down sleeping bags will keep you warm and comfortable.

How To Choose a Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is an essential item for any outdoor trip, and should not be chosen lightly. There are many aspect to consider when choosing a sleeping bag. Read our blog here on how to choose the right sleeping bag for camping where you will find all the information you need.

Winter Sleeping Bags

Camping in the winter can be a magical experience, but it can also be extremely challenging if you don't have the right gear. One essential item that you should never forget when camping in the winter is a good quality sleeping bag that suits the temperatures you will be camping in. Always do thorough research to ensure you have a sleeping bag that will keep you warm enough. 

Summer Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag is not just a sleeping bag. If you buy the wrong type of sleeping bag for your camping trip, you may end up being too hot or too cold. A summer sleeping bag is different from a winter sleeping bag in the type of insulation it provides. Sleeping bags come with with temperature ratings which gives an indication of how warm or not warm it will keep you when camping outdoors. Summer sleeping bags are lightweight, breathable, and designed to provide maximum airflow to keep you cool in the heat.

Our brands of sleeping bags

At Camp and Climb Outdoor, we understand the importance of having a good quality sleeping bag for your outdoor adventure. Our collection of sleeping bags for camping and hiking includes sleeping bags from popular brands like OztrailHighlanderFirst AscentTentco, Vang and more. Get the best camping sleeping bags in South Africa for your money. 

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