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Climbing Anchors

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We know the importance of strength when it comes to your rock climbing gear, and we’re sure no one can stress enough the need for quality climbing gear. When you’re hanging high above the ground, you can’t afford equipment malfunction, or for your gear to give out from wear and tear. And like most things, climbers need a solid, sturdy anchor to make their foundation, to hold them steady and secure as they climb.

At Camp and Climb, we stock only the best climbing gear, with big-name brands like Petzl to put your trust into. Hence our climbing anchors, climbing hangers and paw rigging plates are all Petzl made, to withstand the strain of use and the test of time. Paw rigging plates are used by climbers and rescuers to secure more than one friction device to their connection, which is then attached to a single carabiner. Climbing hangers, on the other hand, are screwed into surfaces to provide a hook for climbing gear to be attached to.

Take a look at our climbing hangers and other climbing gear that can be found in our online store. Camp and Climb is dedicated to putting safety first, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

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