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Camping Health and Safety

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Health and safety should be your top priority no matter where you are, but this is especially true when camping. You’re likely very far off from any form of help or medical assistance, and even then, it’s important to have peace of mind when you’re supposed to be out enjoying yourself, and this lends you a level of comfort as well.

Insects pose a very real threat while camping, especially if you’re in a confirmed malaria zone. Save yourself from scares and discomfort with tick repellant, mosquito repellants, and mosquito nets. You’ll also find emergency equipment, including ponchos, first aid kits, storm matches, emergency kits, survival kits, and fire starters. 

Beyond that, we also stock health and safety equipment that’s simply there to make your life that much more convenient, such as soap holders, towels, portable blankets, toothbrush holders, and more. But most importantly, we stock an extensive range of water treatment tablets, a must if you’re taking your water from natural sources. Always boil and treat the water before you drink it.

Camp and Climb offers a wide range of camping equipment, and that includes anything pertaining to health and safety. 

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