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Beach Equipment and Festival Gear

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South Africa has its fair share of festivals, from music festivals to food and wine festivals and everything in between. There’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing to the sound of music and vibrant chatter around you, drinking up the sunshine and the picturesque locations these festivals typically take place in. And if not at a festival, were better than the beach to soak up some rays and languish in the cool sea breeze.

Make your festival day or a day out at the beach a fun and hassle-free one with Camp and Climb’s range of outdoor festival gear and beach equipment, the perfect accessories for a day beneath the sun. It’s especially important to bring along some form of shelter from the sun's rays, such as an easy to set up popup beach dome, or beach shade tent.

You can also sit back and unwind in a lounger or beach chair while the kids play, or even join in with some beach sports like beach cricket. All of this and more is available here, at one of South Africa’s most renowned online camping stores.

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