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Trad Climbing Gear

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One of the most popular forms of climbing is referred to as natural climbing, otherwise known as traditional climbing or trad climbing. This sport involves a lead climber ascending a rock face without the use of climbing aids. As the leader goes, they create temporary anchors for the climbers following them to use as they climb. Anchors are often bolted into place using hand drills, and once a length of rock is complete, the gear will be removed. Some gear is still used in this method of climbing, including harnesses, carabiners, helmets, and ropes. But many natural climbers opt to use what is known as passive gear, or natural gear. These include walnuts, which have no moving parts and work simply because of their geometry. They’re wedged into cracks in the rock to provide an anchor or support, and to catch a climber when they fall. This also negates the need for drilling too many bolts into a rock face. At Camp and Climb, we stock a range of outdoor climbing gear for natural climbers. We stock camalots, walnuts, and other climbing tools in varying sizes to help assist you in your climb. Our gear is from Black Diamond and DMM, leaders in the natural gear field.
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