Climbing Shoes

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It may seem obvious to say that climbers should wear the right shoes, but we’re not just talking about avoiding slippers and high heels when you’re climbing. A climber’s shoes are just as important as their ropes, harnesses and carabiners, and will go a long way to protecting you from disasters and mishaps.

At Camp and Climb, we stock only the best climbing shoes on the market, for your safety and to empower you with gear that works as hard as you do. We stock shoes from Black Diamond, to highly renowned brands in the field of climbing, gyming and crag climbing.

Climbing shoes are designed with flexible, reinforced toes to give you the best grip on even the smaller nooks and footholds. Soft, breathable material fits your feet perfectly, making it breathable and adaptable, and with straps instead of laces, you can rest assured that your shoe will fit as tightly as possible. Their rubber soles are also textured for the best grip, so you won’t be slipping or losing purchase as you’re climbing.

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