The Top 10 Tentco Camping Products for your Outdoor Adventure


When it comes to camping, you’re going to want the best camping equipment to make your stay in the African bushveld a pleasant one. Tentco is a proudly African outdoor adventure company producing some of the best camping equipment on the market since 1992. Functional, durable and practical, here are some of Tentco’s best products to take along on your camping adventure.

First, you’re going to need shelter:

Hit the road with the Tentco Family Trailer Tent

This Tentco Trailer Tent is next-level convenience, with enough space for the whole family. It comes with a mattress, ladder and PVC cover, and sits firmly atop and beside your trailer. The sturdy aluminum frame keeps the structure stable, and UV protected and waterproof roof protects you against the elements.

Keep things practical with the Tentco Senior Wanderer Bow Tent

A spacious 4 man tent, the Tentco Senior Wanderer is a no-fuss, no-frills tent for shelter in the great outdoors. With two windows you get a view of the landscape, and the canvas is highly durable to fend off sunlight, wind, and rain. It’s one of their most affordable tents while still providing stellar accommodation. 

Camp in style with the Tentco Sahara Deluxe Tent

One of Tentco’s largest tents, the Sahara Deluxe can sleep up to 6 people, and even comes with a veranda. Who doesn’t love a nice shady spot to park off and enjoy the view? It even comes with an electrical cable trap to allow a cable to enter your tent without the risk of bugs entering through the same opening. It also offers a view from the inside, with multiple netted windows.

Wine and dine in the Tentco Dining Shelter

A sizable gazebo, it comes with attachable walls to provide homey shelter and comfort, making it the perfect gazebo for setting up a living and dining area, even a camping kitchen. It can attach to other Tentco structures and can be divided into rooms and alcoves. The Tentco Dining Shelter comes with a door and 3 shade net walls and canvas flaps.

Take shelter from the elements with the Tentco Junior Gazebo 

You don’t have to go big or go home with camping tents and gazebos. The Junior Gazebo is an affordable, easy to set up gazebo that provides ample shade and weather protection. It’s totally portable, just as easy to take down as it is to erect, and it’s waterproof and UV protected to ensure it lasts.

Savor the creature comforts with the Tentco Shower Cubicle

Most associate camping with roughing it, but with Tentco you can bring all your home comforts along with you. A Tentco Shower Cubicle gives you all the privacy you need as you enjoy refreshing showers, a luxury in the wilderness. It can be zipped closed for security and privacy, and with its steel frame, it’s not going anywhere.

tentco-tentSpend the night in comfort, there’s no need to sleep on the ground with the Tentco range:

Get Cozy in the Tentco Single Bedroll Swag

A level up from a sleeping bag, the Tentco Single Bedroll is a combined bed and shelter for a compact but comfortable camping experience. With a raised foot space the canvas won’t weigh down on your feet, and the PVC bottom and dense foam mattress will keep you off the hard ground, guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep.

Lounge out on a Tentco Self Inflating Mattress

Don’t sleep on the cold, hard ground. This self-inflating mattress provides a comfortable, insulating layer between you and the ground, and inflates as you roll it out. If you so choose, you can pump it up further to achieve your desired thickness. You can easily roll it up and store it away for your next camping trip.

Not packing light? You’ll need a place to store your camping gear:

Keep it cool with the Tentco Extreme Ice Box

They don’t call it extreme for anything! This heavy-duty icebox can keep large quantities of ice frozen for longer, keeping your food and beverages fresh. They even have built-in bottle openers. But more impressive is its durability, with a solid case that can withstand significant weight and pressure, even the weight of a 4×4!

Enjoy the cupboard space with the Tentco Camp Cupboard

Who doesn’t like some extra storage space to hold all your essentials? Don’t live out of a backpack when you’re camping when you can use this camping cupboard, complete with shelves and a solid tabletop. The shelves can even be removed to use the inner railing for hanging up clothing. The whole thing can easily be folded and stored away for future camping.

Camp and Climb stocks an extensive range of camping and outdoor adventure equipment from a variety of brands. You’ll find the top 10 Tentco products and many more Tentco gadgets and equipment amongst our range and categories. If you have any questions about our camping gear feel free to contact us.


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