Equip Yourself with Quality Camping Gear When Visiting Southern Africa

Camping in Southern Africa

Welcome to the adventurer’s ultimate guide to exploring the rugged landscapes and breathtaking vistas of Southern Africa! Whether you’re planning to traverse the red dunes of Namibia on an overlanding trip, explore the wildlife-rich reserves of Botswana, enjoy the historical sites of Zimbabwe, soak in the coastal beauty of Mozambique, or experience the varied terrains of South Africa, one thing remains constant: the need for reliable and high-quality camping gear.

Southern Africa offers an array of camping experiences, each with its unique challenges and rewards. The right equipment not only enhances your comfort but also ensures your safety in diverse environments, from arid deserts to moist savannahs. For those traveling from afar, the convenience of ordering your camping essentials from overseas and collecting them upon arrival from Camp and Climb cannot be overstated. We will guide you through selecting the best gear tailored to the Southern African outdoors and provide practical advice on how to make the most out of your journey into the wild.

Camping in Souther Africa

Why Choose Southern Africa for Your Camping Adventure?

Southern Africa is a canvas painted with a spectrum of landscapes and climates, each corner offering its own brand of adventure and beauty. This region, encompassing South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, serves as an ideal backdrop for campers looking for more than just a getaway—they offer an immersion into nature’s most spectacular displays and culturally rich settings.

South Africa is known for its varied landscapes, from the rolling vineyards of the Cape to the craggy cliffs of the Drakensberg and the bushveld of the Kruger National Park. Each environment presents a different camping experience, whether you’re sipping locally produced wines under the stars or listening to the roar of lions at dusk.

Moving west, Namibia invites adventurers to explore its vast deserts and remarkable sand dunes. Camping in the Namibian Desert offers an unparalleled experience of solitude under the endless star-studded sky. The stark beauty of Damaraland, where desert-adapted elephants roam freely, provides a stark contrast to the more lush and populated camping sites found elsewhere.

Botswana is synonymous with wilderness and wildlife. The Okavango Delta, a unique wetland system that floods seasonally, is best explored from the intimate perspective of a campsite, where the sounds of hippos and calls of exotic birds fill the air. The country’s commitment to conservation makes it a haven for those who want to experience nature in its most untouched form.

In Zimbabwe, the majestic Victoria Falls provides a dramatic setting for camping enthusiasts. Beyond the falls, the country’s national parks like Hwange and Mana Pools offer serene locations where elephants, lions, and other wildlife are common sights. The rich history of ancient civilizations, evident in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, adds a layer of profound cultural exploration to the camping experience.

Finally, Mozambique offers a coastal retreat with its pristine beaches and clear blue waters. The Quirimbas and Bazaruto archipelagos are perfect for those who wish to combine camping with snorkeling, diving, and fishing. The coastline is dotted with vibrant communities where local traditions and cuisines can be explored, enriching the camping experience with cultural immersion.

Camping in Southern Africa is more than an escape from the mundane—it’s a journey into diverse climates, stunning natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage. Each country within this vibrant region offers unique attractions that beckon travelers to explore its depths profoundly and personally.

Camping in Southern Africa

Essential Camping Gear for Your Southern African Journey

Canvas Camping Tents

Canvas tents are the top choice for their robustness and adaptability to the diverse climates of Southern Africa. They provide excellent protection from the severe sun and heat in arid zones and remain resilient under the humid conditions typical of tropical regions. The breathable nature of canvas minimises internal condensation, and its insulating qualities help maintain a pleasant interior temperature. For durability and comfort, opt for tents with a high hydrostatic head rating to withstand heavy rains, look for UV-resistant treatments to combat the harsh sun, and choose designs featuring screened windows and doors for both ventilation and insect protection.

Camping Chairs and Camping Tables

For practicality in transit and durability on rugged terrains, your camping chairs and camping tables should be lightweight yet robust. Aluminum is an ideal material as it resists rust and reduces carrying weight. Opt for chairs and tables with adjustable legs for stability on uneven surfaces. Compact, foldable camping chairs that include a carrying bag enhance portability, while tables with roll-top surfaces are easy to set up and pack away. Features like additional storage or built-in organisers on tables are especially useful for managing cooking supplies and camping essentials.

Camping Stoves

When choosing a camping stove for the African wilderness, consider liquid fuel stoves for their reliability and adaptability to different fuel types, which is beneficial given the variable availability of fuel in remote areas. Gas stoves are also suitable for shorter trips where the fuel is readily available. Safety is paramount; always use stoves in well-ventilated areas to prevent carbon monoxide accumulation, ensure stability to avoid spills, regularly check for leaks, and keep a fire extinguisher or sand bucket handy for emergencies.

Sleeping Bags

Given the extreme variance in temperatures—from chilly nights in desert regions like Namibia to milder conditions along the Mozambique coast—it’s crucial to select a sleeping bag with appropriate thermal ratings. Choose sleeping bags rated for temperatures several degrees Celsius below the lowest temperatures expected on your trip. Down-filled bags are excellent for cold weather due to their superior warmth-to-weight ratio. In damp conditions, synthetic bags are preferable as they retain warmth when wet and dry more quickly. For added protection, select bags with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish.

Camp Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for safety and convenience when camping in the remote and often pitch-dark environments of Southern Africa. LED lanterns are a popular choice due to their long battery life and brightness, which can illuminate a broad area without drawing in too many insects. Solar-powered lights are also ideal for sustainable camping, as they can recharge during the day and provide light throughout the evening. For those needing to navigate camp or trails at night, a reliable, high-lumen headlamp is indispensable, allowing hands-free operation while setting up camp or during nocturnal adventures. Choose camp lighting options that are durable, waterproof, and designed to withstand the rugged outdoor conditions of Southern Africa.

Camping Ablution Facilities

Proper ablution facilities are crucial for maintaining hygiene and comfort while camping, especially in the more remote areas of Southern Africa where traditional amenities may be scarce. Portable toilets offer a convenient solution, and many are designed with eco-friendly features that minimise their environmental impact. For showering, camp showers are an excellent option, allowing campers to enjoy warm showers by utilising the sun’s energy. These bags are lightweight, easy to use, and can be hung from a tree or a similar structure. Additionally, biodegradable soaps and shampoos should be used to ensure that local water sources remain uncontaminated. Investing in these types of camping ablution solutions not only enhances your camping experience but also helps preserve the pristine natural environments of Southern Africa.

Portable Power Solutions

Reliable access to power is essential for a successful camping trip, particularly in the expansive and often remote wilderness of Southern Africa. Portable power stations and solar chargers are indispensable tools for keeping electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras, and GPS units charged and operational. These power sources are especially valuable in areas where conventional electricity is unavailable. Portable power stations offer a range of outputs to accommodate multiple devices, while solar panels are an eco-friendly option that harnesses the abundant sunlight of the region. When selecting portable power solutions, consider their weight, capacity, and compatibility with your devices to ensure that you can stay connected and powered throughout your adventure.

Equipping yourself with these essential items will ensure that your camping experience in Southern Africa is as comfortable and safe as possible, allowing you to fully engage with the spectacular environments and wildlife around you.

camping in southern africa

Top Destinations for Camping in Southern Africa

Southern Africa is a camper and overlander’s paradise, offering a myriad of landscapes and experiences that cater to all types of outdoor enthusiasts. From the dense, wildlife-rich national parks to the serene coastlines, here’s a look at some of the best destinations for camping in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

South Africa

  • Kruger National Park: One of Africa’s largest game reserves, Kruger is an iconic destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Here, campers can enjoy sightings of the Big Five (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, rhino) in their natural habitat. The park offers well-maintained campsites with the necessary amenities, making it perfect for both seasoned and novice campers.
  • Drakensberg Mountains: For those who prefer mountain scenery, the Drakensberg offers dramatic landscapes with opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and bird watching. Camping here allows for waking up to breathtaking views of rugged peaks and lush valleys.


  • Sossusvlei: Located in the Namib Desert, Sossusvlei is famous for its high red dunes and stark, moon-like landscapes. Camping in this region offers a unique desert experience, with star-studded skies at night and an eerie silence that is almost palpable.
  • Etosha National Park: This park is known for its salt pan which can be seen from space, and the waterholes surrounding it attract a plethora of wildlife, especially in the dry season. The campsites around Etosha are equipped with basic amenities and provide a great base for wildlife watching.


  • Okavango Delta: A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Okavango Delta is a lush animal habitat during the seasonal floods. Camping trips here are often conducted on Mokoro (traditional dugout canoes), offering a close-to-nature experience and encounters with aquatic wildlife and numerous birds.
  • Chobe National Park: Known for having one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa, including a large elephant population. Riverfront campsites offer spectacular views and sounds of nature, providing a truly immersive wilderness experience.


  • Victoria Falls: Camping near the Victoria Falls allows you to experience the thunderous noise and spectacular mist of the falls. Nearby campsites offer easy access to the falls, along with adventure activities like rafting and bungee jumping.
  • Mana Pools National Park: Renowned for its wildlife and for being one of the best places for walking safaris, Mana Pools gives campers the unique opportunity to experience wildlife up close in its natural environment. The park’s riverside campsites offer stunning views and sounds of the Zambezi River.


  • Bazaruto Archipelago: Known for its unspoiled beaches and excellent diving spots, camping in Bazaruto means days spent exploring rich coral reefs and evenings enjoying fresh seafood by the campfire.
  • Gorongosa National Park: Once devastated by civil conflict, Gorongosa is undergoing a remarkable restoration story. Camping here supports conservation efforts and allows visitors to witness the resurgence of wildlife populations in a setting that combines savannah, forested areas, and wetlands.

These destinations not only offer spectacular natural beauty and wildlife viewing but also provide a range of camping experiences, from basic back-to-nature setups to more equipped sites with a variety of amenities. Whether you’re after solitude in the desert, adventure in the bush, or relaxation by the sea, Southern Africa has something to offer every type of camper.

Camping in Southern Africa


Embarking on a camping journey through Southern Africa offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the raw and untamed beauty of the continent. From the sprawling savannas of Botswana to the dramatic dunes of Namibia, each destination provides a backdrop for an array of memorable experiences. Equipping yourself with the right gear—durable canvas tents, comfortable chairs and tables, reliable stoves, and warm sleeping bags—ensures that your adventure is not just about survival, but about comfort and enjoyment in some of the most spectacular settings on earth.

As you plan your trip, remember that preparation is key. Choosing the correct camp equipment allows you to immerse fully in the natural wonders around you without the distraction of discomfort or inconvenience. Southern Africa is a region rich in diversity, not only in terms of its landscapes but also its wildlife and cultural heritage. Whether you are a seasoned camper or a first-time adventurer, the region promises experiences that are both enriching and exhilarating. So pack your bags, prepare your gear, and set out to explore the majestic lands of Southern Africa. Whether it’s waking up to the sounds of elephants trumpeting in the distance or watching a sunset over an endless horizon, your camping trip will be filled with moments that are as profound as they are picturesque. Southern Africa awaits to amaze you with its sights, sounds, and surprises at every turn.

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