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Trailer Tents

There’s nothing better than easy tent setups, though a popup tent won’t always suffice, especially in harsh veld environments or, simply, when you’re going to need to accommodate more than one person comfortably. The joy of the vehicle tent is that, not only is it effortless to set up and put away, but it’s securely attached to the top of your trailer, saving you storage space and ensuring your tent is always on hand for trips away. Trailer tents are spacious without taking up too much ground space. The top of the trailer functions as a room, like a bunk bed large enough to accommodate two people. Depending on the size of your Tentco trailer, it will have one to two additional rooms and an awning, but you can add extensions to your tent to make it larger should you need more space. The canvas is made to last, and it is treated to keep it weatherproof, rip-proof, and UV/Mildew/Rot resistant, guaranteeing a long life for your investment. With a durable, high-quality tent, you’ll always have camping accommodation ready and waiting for your next big trip. Camp and Climb is excited to stock this range of trailer tents. Due to their size, Tentco trailer tents can’t be shipped upon purchase and needs to be collected.
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