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Back Country Cuisine

Back Country Cuisine is a large range of meals from real whole foods, using freeze-drying to reduce the weight of the food while locking in the tasty flavour and nutrition without the need for preservatives.

Why Back Country Cuisine? So you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your adventure, wherever it is and no matter the pace. Travelling through beautiful back country is great fun and it can be made even better if you have good food while you’re doing it. And we’re not talking about ‘food on the run’ or hastily-packed sandwiches.

You can have delicious, nutritious food that’s prepared in just minutes! Back Country Cuisine’s freeze-dried meals are easy to prepare and great tasting because of our freeze drying process. This combines quick-to-hydrate, freeze-dried vegetables and meats, with sauce mixes that have been processed to retain their natural flavours.

Fast nourishing food for adventure. Wherever your next adventure is about to lead you, Back Country has got the freeze-dried meals to keep you going.

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