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Sports are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and keep active. Hence Camp and Climb is proud to stock a sizable range of sporting equipment and accessories that fit best in nature and in the outdoors. Our online store has something for all ages, from children’s float assists for a swim in the river to fishing rods fishermen of all skill levels. This gear functions just as well for campers, especially as many of these activities make for great pass times while camping. We stock sporting gear for many types of sports; rods and tackle boxes for avid fishermen, laser sights and scopes for huntsmen, and a ride range of water-based sports equipment for swimmers of all ages, including face masks, snorkelling equipment, goggles, inflatables, and waterproof shoes for watersports. Yo’ll also find a number of outdoor accessories to help when necessary, such as tick removers for your time in the bush, torches, bicycle lights, air pumps, and hydration packs, just to name a few. More importantly, we also stock survival kits and aids, packed full of whatever you need to prolong your survival should you become lost or separated in the great outdoors. It’s always wise to keep one of these on hand, especially if you’re travelling in the wilderness. Browse our range of sporting equipment to find the essentials and nice-to-haves that can make your camping or outdoor adventure all the better for it.
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