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Camp and Climb is home to some of the best Vango sleeping bags on the market. Vango works with designers who focus specifically on this line of products to ensure that you get the best quality possible where it really matters. There are different types of designs available, all of which work to simplify your life while still meeting your needs for comfort and warmth.

A sleeping bag is a perfect accessory for the outdoors. They are usually good to -25°, depending on the quality of your bag, and they offer a way to keep you warm when you are camping or hiking. 

One of the reasons why camping requires a lot of equipment is because once you find a campsite and start maintaining it, you might come to the realization that there aren't enough supplies and your sleeping bag's insulation is lacking. Oh, and did we mention how many bugs exist outdoors? Fortunately, that's where Vango comes in. The company has extended its vast expertise into creating high-quality sleeping bags that are stylish and practical.

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