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There’s very little doubt as to why fishing is considered a favourite sport and pass-time by outdoor enthusiasts. Fishing takes place in some of the most beautiful environments, such as on the banks of lakes and rivers or on the shores of sprawling coasts. And these spots present some fantastic views as you sit back and take in the scenery, relaxing while you wait for that bite on your line.  Fishing is also a highly rewarding sport, and it’s a proud and exhilarating moment to reel in your big catch or that one rare, elusive fish that fishermen covet. Those fish make great photo moments, and you can release them or take them back to camp to cook up some fresh game fish. Give yourself a fighting chance to land those catches with fishing gear from Camp and Climb’s outdoor range, featuring big brands in the industry.  So gear up and get out there to tackle your next big game fish with Camp and Climb. Browse our collection to find the right rod and gear for your fishing adventures.
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