Pitching The Perfect Tent: A Guide To Choosing The Right Camping Tent Size for Your Needs

pitching-the-perfect-camping tent

Camping is a great way to get back to nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Choosing the right camping tent size is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. For “new campers” it can be hard to decide on which camping tent is right for you, especially when it comes to the size of the tent. There are many different types of camping tents available all with unique features, making it overwhelming to know what the right choice is for you.

Most people don’t give much thought to what size camping tent they need when they’re planning a trip into the great outdoors. Choosing a camping tent that is able to accommodate your camping needs can have a big influence on the overall success of your camping trip.

Types of Camping Tents

There are several types of camping tents which are usually manufactured from canvas or nylon materials.  Canvas camping tents are made from woven cotton fabric, while nylon camping tents are made from synthetic nylon material. Canvas camping tents are more durable than nylon camping tents and are preferred amongst avid campers that use their camping tents often and want to get the most out of them. If you only camp occasionally for shorter periods of time, a nylon camping tent will do the job. Nylon tents are generally lighter than canvas tents making them more suitable for backpacking and hiking.

Types of camping tent may include: 

  • Pop-Up Tents
  • Hiking/ Backpacking Tents
  • Dome Camping Tents 
  • Bungalow Camping Tents 
  • Rooftop Tents

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Camping Tent Size

When choosing the right camping tent size, there are several factors to consider. These include the number of people who will be sleeping in the tent, the amount of camping gear you will be storing inside the tent, and the type of camping trip you will be taking. It is important to choose a tent that is spacious enough for everyone to sleep comfortably and store their camping gear, but not so large that it is difficult to set up or transport.

  • Amount of people: Decide how many people will be using the tent. This is the most important factor in choosing the right size tent. If you have a family of four, for example, you’ll need a larger tent than if you’re just going on a solo camping trip.
  • Camping Gear: the amount of gear you’ll be bringing with you. If you plan on bringing along a lot of gear, or if you have large items like coolers or chairs, you’ll need a bigger tent so everyone has enough space to move around and store their belongings.
  • Type of camping: Think about the type of camping trip you’re taking. Are you planning on spending most of your time hiking and exploring during the day? Or do you prefer to relax at camp and spend your nights around the campfire? If you plan on being active during the day, a smaller tent might be all you need since you won’t be spending much time in it. But if you want to relax at camp, a larger tent will give you more space to spread out and relax in after a long day of exploring.

Camping tents may say that it sleeps 4 people, but for some this will be too small. Some people may have camp furniture that needs to go in the tent like camp stretcher beds, inflatable mattresses, camping cupboards, camp storage and more. A good example would be campers that have a Queen size inflatable mattress would need a camping tent that can comfortably fit the mattress without damaging the tent.

A good guide to work with is the following:
– For one or two people, choose a small or medium sized tent.
– For three or four people, choose a medium or large sized tent.
– For five or more people, choose an extra large family sized tent.

First Ascent Stamina 1-Person Hiking Tent

First Ascent Stamina One Man Tent-camp tents-Camping tents

The First Ascent Stamina 1-Person Hiking Tent is a compact and lightweight tent that is perfect for a single person on a hiking trip. This tent is easy to set-up, features 2 doors and will provide you with the needed protection when spending time outdoors. 

Campmor Tourer 2 Tent


The Campmor Tourer 2 Tent is a quality camping tent that can sleep up to 3 people, depending on personal preferences. This camping tent that gives you everything you need to sleep comfortably while camping outdoors. The tent size measures 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.75m, making it perfect for couples. 

Tentco Senior Wanderer Bow Tent


The Tentco Senior Wanderer Bow Tent is one of the most popular camping tents on Camp and Climb and for good reason. It’s a reliable canvas bow tent that can comfortably sleep 4 people. This tent is 3mx3m and approximately 2.2m high making it comfortable for most people. This camp tent has all the basic requirements you need for short and long camping trips. The Tentco Senior Safari Bow Deluxe Tent is the upgraded version – as it comes with a Skullcap flysheet & verandah giving you and extended camping space. 

Tentco Sahara Deluxe Tent D-Door

Tentco Sahara Deluxe Tent D-Door-Camp tent-Camping tents

The Tentco Sahara Deluxe Tent D-Door is your home away from home. This large camping tent is perfect for small families as it can comfortably sleep 6 people. This camping tent is 2.9m wide and the inside is 4m long with an extended 2m wide veranda in the front of the tent. This is a heavy duty camping tent that comes with impressive features. 

Oztrail Seascape Dome 9 Camping Tent

Oztrail Seascape Dome 9-camp tents-family camping tent

The Oztrail Seascape Dome 9 Camping Tent is a great family camping tent as it offers three fully screen and separate living areas/bedrooms. You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to setting up your campsite with this camping tent. This dome tent can sleep up to 9 people with the tent floor measuring up to 540cm x 220cm. 

Oztrail Fast Frame Lumos 10P Tent

Oztrail Fast Frame Lumos Tent 10P-Camping Tent

The Oztrail Fast Frame Lumos 10P Tent is an extra large, luxurious family tent that offers everything you need. This tent can comfortably fit 10 people and has 3 large rooms that can accommodate double or queen size stretcher beds. This camping tent is perfect for long camping trips over the summer holidays. It also has a full size awning with removable wind breaks, which gives you the option to extend the living space according to your needs. 

These are just some of the options available on Camp and Climb. We have a large selection of camping tents that can accommodate from 1-10 persons. We stock camping tents from established brands like Tentco, Oztrail, Highlander, Campmor, Coleman, First Ascent, and more. These camping brands have been trusted for many years in the camping industry for their reliable products. 


Choosing the right camping tent size is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. By considering the number of people who will be sleeping in the tent, the amount of gear you will be storing, and your camping needs. Camping tents can easily be extended with connectors to increase the living space for an even better experience. Always be sure to check the floor areas of the camping tent and decide whether it will be able to adequately store all your camping gear before purchasing a camping tent. 

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