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South Africa is known for its warm weather climate and breathtaking landscapes. Camping, fishing and spending time outdoors is an age-old tradition which many local South Africans enjoy. There is nothing better than relaxing outdoors next to a campfire with friends and family. South Africa is rich with a variety of scenic landscapes and camping terrains that include rocky mountains, remote desert plains, forrests, grass fields, beaches, valleys, large dams and so much more. Each province has its own little gem which makes it special.

When you plan a camping, fishing or hiking trip, it’s important to be prepared with everything you need for the place you are going to. Some camping facilities require more equipment than others. Having the right camping equipment on hand can make or break your camping experience. One of the most important things to consider is the camp furniture you pack for your camping trip. You can easily upgrade your camping experience with comfortable and reliable camp furniture, suitable for your campsite.

What is considered Camp Furniture

Camp furniture generally refers to any type of furniture item that is used while camping. This can include camp chairs, camp tables, sleeping gear, storage units or anything else that makes your camping experience more comfortable and convenient. Camp furniture is different to normal furniture as it is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, so it can be easily moved from one campsite to another. Camp furniture is manufactured from materials that are designed to be durable and to withstand the outdoor elements and harsh weather conditions.

Comfortable Camping Chairs

Camping chairs have come a long way from the flimsy fold-up chairs of years past. Today’s camping chairs are made from durable fabric and a supportive structure and come in a variety of styles. South Africans love their camping chairs so much that it has become a staple in most households where people use them as extra chairs for guests, or use them as garden chairs when entertaining with a braai.

The most popular camping chair amongst campers is a folding arm camp chair. These camp chairs are available in more affordable options made from durable materials, to more expensive options that are manufactured with added padding for extra comfort and additional features such as built-in side coolers, side tables and extra support features. Folding loungers are also popular, as they take very little space when storing, and can be used next to the pool and on beaches as well.

Camping stools are a popular choice amongst hikers and fishermen, as it is very small and compact making it easy to carry. If you are hiking far distances a camping stool can provide a seat for a well deserved rest. Some people may feel that a foldable camp chair is too low and find it difficult to get up from. Another option to consider is a camping directors chair that gives a little more height, while being sturdy and comfortable with adequate back support.

Functional Camping Table

We can all agree that if you don’t have a functional camping table, your camping trip will be close to ruined. Tables serve a wide variety of functions and add comfort (and safety) to your camping trip. Without a table you won’t have safe space to prepare foods or safely store outdoor cooking appliances and cookware. A foldable camping table can be set up anywhere and can be moved around for convenience of use.

Camping tables are manufactured from durable materials, such as aluminum or plastic,  and usually fold away for easy transportation and storage. Camping tables can be used to prepare food on, to store your outdoor cooking equipment and cookware, and providing a dining area for people to eat at. It can also be used for washing up dishes or serving as a table for entertainment and games. Things that are safer not to be on the ground like electronics are better kept on top of tables. Camping tables come in a wide variety of sizes, from small camping tables big enough for one person to large picnic tables for families to dine at.

Camp Beds

After a busy day in the hot African sun, you’ll want to relax and rest for the next day. Camping does not mean sleeping on cold, hard floors. Camp stretcher beds offer the ultimate comfort by providing you with a restful nights sleep, off the floor and away from bugs and crawling insects. Stretcher beds are lightweight and portable, which means they can be set up anywhere. They have been designed to be used without a mattress so this makes it a good option for campers who have to pack light. Inflatable mattresses may run the risk of getting punctured, but with a stretcher bed you can know that you will always be sleeping comfortably no matter what. Stretcher beds are available in single to queen size. Oztrail also has a bunk bed stretcher bed which is perfect for large families.

Camp Cupboards

When people go camping for extended periods of time, like the December summer holidays, a camp cupboard offers a little more convenience to your camping experiences, offering a home-away-from-home feeling. Camping cupboards are easy to set-up and fold away into a compact unit. Camping cupboards can be used to store clothes, blankets, camping gear, electronics, cookware and more. The shelves inside the cupboard may be adjustable giving you the option to customize your packing space. This is a great way to store non perishable foods, keeping it safe from bugs, rodents and other animals. A camp cupboard offers a limitless amount of storage options, which can easily be adjusted to your specific camping needs.

Camp Kitchen

Camp kitchens are functional workspace units that have been designed to offer a hygienic space for washing up. These camp kitchens are easy to easy and convenient to set up, and don’t take up alot of storage space. The Oztrail Camp Kitchen with Sink comes with a heat resistant cooking area, windshield for a gas stove, hidden sink for washing up and a storage cupboard with  zip closure. This is the perfect way to add more convenience to your camping experience.

The right camp furniture can turn your camping trip from dull to absolutely memorable. When deciding on which camp furniture is right for you, it is important to look at the functionality and durability of the item. Look at the comfort level the item can provide and whether it serves your camping needs. People camping with large families will have very different  needs than a retired couple enjoying the outdoors. Some camp furniture items may serve different purposes depending on the area you are going to, the season of the year, and the length of time you are out and about. Camp and Climb is your trusted partner in all things camping. The great thing about online shopping is that items can be delivered to where you are. If you ever find yourself needing something urgently, order online for fast and reliable delivery.

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